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Bumper Reinforcement

Rear Bumper Reinforcement

While the power of your engine or the speed of your car are exciting, there is little more important than the safety of your vehicle. Your bumper reinforcement is a part of the car’s collision safety system, and this part takes the brunt of many accidents, so it is important to have a good replacement protecting you when you’re back on the road.

We have a large selection of bumper reinforcements to fit your vehicle. Since the correct fit is imperative to your vehicle’s security, our 30-day return policy can ensure the right replacement at the right price.

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What Is Bumper Reinforcement?

A typical car’s bumper is actually made up of three parts:

The bumper cover, which is what you see when you look at a car energy absorbers, which crumple with significant impact the bumper reinforcement, which is the main event and the stronghold of your car for slower-speed collisions

The bumper reinforcement is made of a high-performance material, such as steel, aluminum or plastic, and built to protect your car or truck from a front or rear impact. Since bumper reinforcements are built to absorb the force of one major collision, finding the right replacement is integral to your safety.

How Much Is a New Bumper Reinforcement?

While new bumper reinforcements vary in price depending upon a host of factors, at Premium Used Parts a replacement bumper can often be found for between $50 and $150. Since this part is a large portion of the vehicle safety system, it is imperative that you purchase the correct bumper reinforcement. These parts are tailored for specific cars and trucks, which require the use of different materials. Prices vary based on the materials used in the bumper reinforcement and the year make and model of your vehicle.

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