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Car Header Panel

Header Panel
What is a Header Panel?

The Header Panel is a plastic, metal, or fiberglass framework component that surrounds the radiator and surrounds the vehicle’s headlights and grille. Header panels are fastened to the vehicle frame using bolts and mounting clips.

If your vehicle’s Header Panel isn’t functioning optimally and you are on the lookout for replacements then Basic Auto Parts is just the place to find them. Just fill in your requirements and we will help you acquire the best suited high quality used Header Panels for any make or model.

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Signs That Your Header Panel Needs Replacement

There are some telltale signs that are indicative of problems in your vehicle’s Header Panel. Most common problems arising due to malfunctioning Header Panels include:

Uneven and unsightly gaps between headlight assemblies.

Loose hood panels

Irregularities in frontal bumper areas.

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