Warranty on Used Auto Parts


All the orders are processed on the same day from the time Customers are charged, however we have a standard time line for Freight Parts 7 to 10 Business days and for non-frieght parts 5 to 7 Business day, We know that there is quite a risk in purchasing used auto parts, but here at Premium Used Parts, we ensure that before the parts leave our warehouse it is well inspected. Our parts rarely fail and last for a good long time, but once in a while, there could be a discrepancy.

For these rare occurrences, we offer industry-leading warranties on used OEM parts that our ordered from Premium Used Parts. We provide upto 30/60/90 Days warranty on light-duty used auto parts from the day the part is delivered. Under any circumstance, if the part/parts are not required, there will be a 25% restocking fee and one-way shipping fee. We will refund the rest. In case any part is defected, Premium Used Parts will not pay for the return shipment. No labor cost is covered by us in such scenarios.

Premium Used Parts sets the bar high by assuring coverage of all products provided with exceptional customer service and offers. We offer Optional Service Agreements (OSA) for additional coverage on parts as well.

Engine Warranty

Engine warranty is limited to the long block that includes defects in the heads, blocks, crankshafts, pistons, rockers, camshafts and oil pumps. Parts external to the cylinder head(s), cylinder head has to be remachined and cylinder block – the distributor, fuel pump, and carburetor – are not under warranty. These are left for the convenience of the installer only.

Transmission Warranty

The installer is responsible to reprogram any modules, replace or flush the radiator, transmission fluid cooling lines and transmission oil cooler. Proper operation of the cooling and electrical system should be checked when installing products that could be affected by these systems. Recommended installation procedures that we provide should be followed by the installer to maintain warranty coverage.

Failure to install a new filter (A.T. only), improper detent adjustment, broken front pump, low-level fluids or improper installation voids all warranties.

In the Event of Failure

A written claim of warranty must be submitted by the customer within the warranty period, mail claims to Premium Used Parts., 22601 Vistawood Way, Boca Raton, FL 33428, proof of delivery required. The customer should protect the product from any further damage and should return the original defective part to us. The customer should furnish all such information as we require, this includes written proof of the vehicle’s maintenance on a regular basis.

The customer/ purchaser hereby agrees to pay all costs associated with examination, diagnosis, testing, and repair if failure has not occurred or has happened due to improper installation or any other reason outside the warranty scope herein. We reserve the right to inspect warranty claims that are related to transmissions, engines, axle assemblies, carriers or any other part before removal or return. Furthermore, we reserve the right to make the final decision of the warranted parts failure; our decision shall determine the validity of the warranty claim.